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To celebrate the 13th anniversary of the first ever brewing of Gouyasse, we’ve gathered all the Géants of Ath together and created « The Rondo of the Giants ». Each Giant has been linked to a typical beer brewed by Brasserie des Légendes. Whether it’s a beer from one of the brewery’s existing range, or a special edition brew, we’ve assigned the beers based on the characters of the Giants:


  Gouyasse blonde 6% ABV, blonde
  L’Aigle 5% ABV, amber ale with a pronounced bitterness, based on the Saison Voisin recipe
  Samson 7% ABV, amber
  Mademoiselle Victoire 3% ABV, fruity, based on the Ducassis recipe
  Bayard 11% ABV, strong blonde
  Madame Goliath 6% ABV, blonde
  Gouyasse triple % ABV, a triple, based on the Goliath triple recipe