Brasserie Goliath

Passion AND tradition


In November 1997, Pierre Delcoigne and Vinciane Wergifosse bought the Castel of Irchonwelz (which dates back to the 12th century) with the intention of developing their microbrewery project there.

Pierre Delcoigne had graduated from the Université Catholique de Louvain (U.C.L.) with a degree in chemical and bio-industries engineering just like his wife Vinciane Wergifosse. He then followed a two-year specialisation programme in Brewing, Malting and Fermentation at the Brasserie de Louvain school and graduated with honours as a brewing engineer. 

Two years were then needed for the construction and start-up of the brewery. The first brew of Gouyasse was launched for sale in August 2000. Brasserie Goliath is made up of a brewing house (by infusion) with a capacity of 70 hl. The fermentation and maturation room consists of 3 tanks of 40 hl, 3 tanks of 70 hl and 2 tanks of 140 hl. We can bottle approximately 3000 bottles an hour.

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Curious about brewing?

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Goliath, the power of character

Best Belgian blond Beer in Wallonia, 2012. 

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