Brewery Quintine

Terroir AND tradition


After restoring his farmhouse, Philippe Gérard made his lifelong dream come true, he installed his own brewery. In 1993, the first brew of Quintine delighted the taste buds of beer drinkers. Throughout the years, the brewery has expanded and currently offers 4 typical beers: Quintine blonde, Quintine amber, Hercule and Quintine Bio-organic.

In 2006, the brewery produced 1600 hl of beer. Then approaching pension, Jacqueline and Philippe Gérard decided to put their brewery up for sale that year. It was the dawn of a new era. New opportunities were on the horizon for Brasserie Quintine, Brasserie des Légendes was born.

Several investments were made under the brewery’s new owners: a bottling room, a maturation room, a fermentation room… The brew house now allows 2 to 3 brews of 15 hl per day. The fermentation room has 2 tanks of 65 hl and the maturation room has 5 tanks of 45 hl. The bottling room can process 3000 bottles per hour. It includes a 50 hl tank, a bottle rinser, an automatic capper and a labeller.

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