Beauregard Farm

This family-run farm going back 5 generations is located in Arc-Wattripont in the heart of Belgium’s ‘Land of the Hills’. Since 2005 we’ve been planting the malting barley needed to produce our beers. We cultivate our barley with intimate knowledge of, and respect for, our lands.

Winter barley is sown at the end of September and spring barley is planted in March. Harvesting happens in July and August respectively. The grain is then transported to the maltery at the Beloeil Castle, Belgium, where the barley is germinated and dried to become malt, according to our specifications. In this way, Brasserie des Légendes controls the entire production chain, with malt representing the most significant raw material, in quantity, for the production of beer. From the ground to the glass…. UNIQUE IN BELGIUM.

The coming together of our “terroir” and our brewing know-how gives rise to beers of typical character. In January 2012, Pierre Delcoigne took over daily management of the farm after his parents’ retirement.

  • The farming of barley

We sow winter barley at the end of September and harvesting happens at the beginning of July. We plant a total surface area of 17 hectares, which allows us to harvest about 130 tonnes of barley to be malted at the Castle Beloeil maltery. This barley malt will then be used as the main raw material in the production of our beers.



Malting is the process of transforming barley grain so that the starches present inside the grain get transformed into fermentable sugars.


First of all the grain has to be soaked. This stage is done either by soaking the grain in water tanks or by spraying water over the grains.


Once the grain has been fully soaked, germination can start to take place. Germination releases heat so temperature control is important here.


To halt germination the malt has to be dried, which is the kilning stage. The malter uses different drying temperatures to produce different types of malt (pale malt, caramel, chocolate, roasted)


  • Other farming



Sowing: end October/beginning November
Harvest: beginning of August
17 hectares


Sowing: May
Harvest: October/November
4 hectares


Sowing: May
Harvest: September
12 hectares

Refuge zone

Stretches of land along the sides of the fields and ditches allocated as a refuge zone for wildlife.
3 hectares



The only beers in Belgium made from 100% local ingredientsfrom the ground to the glass…


Curious about brewing?

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